How to dare starting something new


“Dream big, Start small, Act now” Robin Sharma

Are you interested in a new way of running your business? Aren´t your business running according to your dreams..?

With FashionQ I aim to help you improve your sex appeal, find more happiness and do more of the things you love. I will focus on the person in charge – “You”, to create the business you dream off.

As a former fashion designer and with me undying passion for fashion I love to involve you in my goal to help more people succeed. You might be a fashion designer or a design lover or entrepreneur geek heading for your new adventure;  starting your own online label or just seeking inspiration to improve your fashion career. FashionQ! is on and it´s where you will get the help to improve your sex appeal and sell more. Find more happiness in the things you are already doing. And I think is most important is to free up time your time to do more of the things you truly love doing.

I know, it can be hard to start your own label and find your Que -when to start. Believe me I have tried, both successfully and not so successfully. It so many things to figure out in the beginning it can be totally over whelming and crushes your motivation…….That’s why I’m starting this blog to share my good things and bad things to help you get on running track faster. This website is here to help you discover when to start your business, what your need to know before your start and how. I´ll do my best to guide you through your journey. With How-to-tutorials, relevant content and links, until you feel its time to create your own label and dream business.

Have you already started your business. No problem. There will be things here that can help you amp up your business to the next level. Help you analyse your business to tweak it a bit to get more revenue and delegate task to free up your more of your pressures time.

The website will fill up with tools, motivational content, quotes and inspirational ideas on how to run your business with less hassle and more passion. But remember; sharing is caring so feel free to share your insight.

With your help, I hope to make this a great part of your business strategy. Whenever you have a question, feel free to comment or send me your question/questions trough email. I love to help.

What does Fashion Q stand for?

Try and picture yourself, a dancer standing nervously backstage waiting. It´s nearly her time to get out on stage and make her performance of a life time. She is just waiting for the right time. She´s waiting for her cue(Q). Without it she lost, with no direction to get her where she wants to go. But with her (Q) she knows when to start, And can showcase the masterpieces she has been practicing for all those days and nights.

Now let me know why you want to start a label in the comments below ….

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