About the Founder

angela2 Once upon a time there was a girl born in hectic Bogota, Colombia, adopted to small city in Sweden. She loved designing dresses for herself from a very young age.

Every day her mother showed her how to sew, knit and create her own pieces.

She spent days and nights, down in the basement, in front of her mother’s sewing machine learning the ways of the fabric and patterns, enjoying her passion of creating new garments from her own ideas.

One day after seeing the same dress on people too many times, she thought  ”I have to do something about this”.

She had to figure out, what do I need to get my dreams into reality? What qualification do I need to have to run my own fashion business?

She got a degree in Fashion Design from Fashion College in Gothenburg and Malmö. She started to read a lot about business management and continued to create garments and put up fashion shows, but still this was only as small projects in her spare time.

Until finally, sitting at the airport in Copenhagen, crying because she had miss the plan to her friend, she got an energizing call from a couple of investors telling her they would like to invest in her and her business idea. She then took a leap of faith and started her own fashion business. Through the years she has gotten the opportunity to create custom made dresses for famous singers and actors, designing garments for the movies and for customers’ big occasions.angela-syr

Five years have passed and with new determination and motivation she now feels it’s time to start the next chapter in her business career. With Fashion Q, Angela hopes to help design entrepreneurs and fashion designers discover the new way of running their business, so that they can improve their sex appeal, find more happiness and spend more time doing what they love.

Angela C. Alexandersson is an award winning entrepreneur, fashion designer, author and inspirational speaker. She has been speaking for different students and business concepts and featured in different student and business movies and magazine all over Sweden. Magazine like Hallandsposten, “Tänk vidare”, Hallands affärer, Metro, Svensk Damtidning(Swedish royal magazine) and in total with over 200 000 readers. Through experience in building up two fashion companies, being head designer for movies, design clothes for celebrities, national business people and accomplished more than 60 fashion shows. She has a drive for fashion.


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